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Gentle, Effective, Patient Centered  


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What we offer:

-Customized "Tasting Menu"-style care plan for each client.

-Gentle Chiropractic adjustments

-DNFT (Directional Non Force Technique)

-Cranial Sacral Technique

-Soft Tissue Work

- Functional Medicine

- Nutritional counseling and supplements

- Corrective at home Exercises

-Lifestyle recommendations

- Kinesio taping

- Home Visits by appointment

"A Whisper is more powerful than a Shout "- Dr. Tamara MacIntyre


Welcome to our practice! 

The first thing I hear when I introduce myself is:

"Oh, I can't stand the thought of someone working on my neck.  That crack scares me!"

And my reply always follows "That's ok.  I don't do any of the scary stuff."

"Wait, what?"

"I am a Non-force Chiropractor, I don't do any cracking, popping or twisted positions.  And my clients typically feel better faster than other types of Chiropractic care."

I know that you have tried looking for all of the search terms. "Gentle Chiropractors near me" "Non force Chiropractor near me" "Best Chiropractor near me" 

With 300+ recognized Chiropractic techniques, it can feel like you are lost in a sea of options.  How do you find the best fit for you? And how do you find a practitioner that will help you find relief for your health challenges with collaboration and listens to you. 

That is why we start each new client with a free 20 minute Discovery Session to help answer any questions, get to know your case, and make sure that you have all the information you need to make confident decisions about your health. No pushy sales tactics. Click the green link before to get started with us. 

Start here: Book a Discovery Session

How to work with us:

Step1: Schedule a Free Discovery Session

Step 2: Book your first visit at the end of the Discovery Session

Step 3: Receive and complete your intake form online

Step 4: Meet us in the office for your First Appointment

Healthcare shouldn't feel scary or intimidating.  You don't have to tense up on the table in anticipation. 

I take fear out of the process and create a more client-centered environment.  We are Trauma Informed and LGBTQIA supportive, and provide gender affirming care. 

At Stockheart Whole Health, we take our time to fully understand our clients' needs and goals.  

A First Visit in our office is 90 minutes long, including a comprehensive health history, orthopedic, chiropractic, and neurological exam, and a first treatment if indicated. 

At the Follow Up visit, each client is presented with a customized "Tasting Menu", including a full spectrum of lifestyle medicine tailored to their current health and future goals. 

We love helping those that are looking for a little more depth with their healthcare.  We specialize in working with Migraine and other Headache Disorders, chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, and those that are sensitive and prefer a more gentle touch. 

Ready to take the next step?

Book your no-cost consultation here!

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