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About DNFT® Chiropractic

Directional Non Force Technique® Chiropractic is an over 90 year old method founded and developed by Dr. Richard Van Rumpt, DC and further developed and taught since 1986 through D.N.F.T..® Seminars by his successor, Christopher John DC.  The method involves a precise analysis and correction of subluxations causing nerve interference considering alignment from front to back (posterior), side (lateral), tilted, or back to front (anterior) and front to back (posterior).  The bones, ligaments, muscles, and discs are aligned utilizing the thumbs to adjust with a few ounces of force.  The reactive leg reflex is the indicator utilized to determine which segments are out of alignment. This is not a short leg, but is a leg which dynamically shortens in response to a physical challenge to the malpositioned segment causing nerve interference.


“We believe in treating the whole person rather than subsets of body systems and pathologies. By incorporating nutritional advice, lifestyle modifications, and specific and effective DNFT chiropractic care we are able to effect lasting changes in our patient’s bodies to reduce pain and increase vitalistic life-force in both the short and long term. Most times the body needs to be addressed physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to completely remove subluxations in the body. We are always checking in with our patients on these levels to maintain the efficacy of our adjustments, and to refer out when our patients’ problems are no longer chiropractic problems. “ 

DNFT stands for Directional Non-force Technique and was the first low force Chiropractic technique.  It originated in the 1930’s and has been improving patient’s lives for over 90 years. DNFT technique does not produce any “cracking” or “popping” noises and does not involve manipulating the body into uncomfortable positions.  A DNFT practitioner addresses the root cause of function and mobility by removing distortions and malpositions of the body by ensuring clear, efficient communication of the nervous system to the body and vice versa.  By breaking down a “traditional” Chiropractic adjustment into 20 micro-adjustments addressing bones, muscles, ligaments, and discs of the spine, and, if indicated the ribs.  The Patient receives care at a level of specificity and thoroughness that addresses the root cause right away which results in increased mobility, function, and vitality rapidly.

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