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Our New Location starting 05/01/23

New Location 5/1/23

Office Policies and Location Details

The address is 7801 Bush Lake Road, Suite 400, Bloomington, MN 55439

Your smart phone will get you 95% of the way there no problem, but the last 5% can be a bit tricky to maneuver the first time.  Here’s some insider knowledge to make the first trip go  smoother.

Most of you will come from 494, and head north on Bush Lake Rd. so we’ll start there.

This is the building you’re looking for (this image is from Bush Lake Rd. (Thank you Google Maps)).  It’s one of 5 buildings in this office park.

There are 2 entrances into the parking lot.  Both are strangely easy to miss, so here’s a simple map and some detailed instructions.


Route #1

(The Blue Arrow)

As soon as you exit 494 heading north on Bush Lake Rd., you’ll take the 1st right (it’s literally half a block from the exit so be ready).  This entrance looks like the above photo.

Then you’ll take and IMMEDIATE left into the parking lot for our building.  The first section of the parking lot that you come to (on your right hand side) will have you enter on the 1st floor.  From this entrance, the elevator is straight ahead, across the lobby.

Route #1.2

(The Yellow Arrows)

If you miss the IMMEDIATE left, stay calm and carry on.   The road you’ll be on (Glenroy Rd.) will lead you up to 78th st.  You can turn left onto 78th, then left again right away in to the 2nd parking lot entrance.

Route #2

(The Orange Arrows)

If you miss the 1st entrance (which I’ve done more than once already), no worries.  You’ll take the next right turn onto 78th St.  The other parking lot entrance will be on your right immediately after the turn. 

This entrance leads you directly to a raised parking lot. This lot has you enter on the 2nd floor.  It’ll feel like you’re entering the back way (like an employees entrance), but it’s totally fine.  Simply veer left and follow the hallway after you enter the building and the elevators will be right there.

Once You’re Inside

Once you’re in the elevator, you’re home free.  Simply ride it to the 4th floor.  Our clinic (AHI Integrative Heath and Wellness) is in Suite 400, directly across from the elevator doors.

If you need to stop off at the restroom before your visit, turn left when you leave the elevator.  They’re just down the hall on the right hand side.  Keep your eyes peeled, though.  The restrooms are also strangely easy to miss.

Office Hours

Monday:  Home visits by appt

Tuesday:  11:00am-7 p.m.

Wednesday: Home visits by appt

Thursday: 11:00am-7 p.m.

Friday: Out of office

Saturday: 10:00am- 1pm

(every other week)

Sunday: Out of office

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